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NukaCola's Fallout Pen and Paper

This project started in summer of 2009 and was (more or less) finished on the 28th of July, 2019.

This is version 3.0

While this RPG is playable, it still is a work in progress. The will be new content of many kinds: new factions, new classes, new world information, new vehicles and weapons and other equipment will be added with time.
Last update: Numerous more thrown weapons, as well as the FAQ on this page. More animals, parry rules, heavy clothing as armor and new world information (Vault-Tec and the Enclave)
Next update: More animals, maybe new weapons and more world information (smaller towns that are already on the map)

This PNP is already more than 500 pages of text and tables. I recommend creating a character to get a feel for the rules. Just, pick one of the classes that appeals to you and play with the SPECIAL-C stats until you enjoy what you see. Use the character creation table linked below to easier manipulate the stats, print out the character sheets also linked below and fill them out with a pencil.

If you wish to help in this project, either by sending in hints and corrections or even just questions, or by sending in illustrations I could use and add, feel free to send an email to FalloutPNP at d-mossa dot com .Even if you just try the game out: do write an email to tell me if everything worked out or if I dropped the ball somewhere.

Disclaimer: This site is add free. I do not have a patreon account. I do not earn money with this Pen and Paper Role Playing Game. It is fully free and all the work I put into it is basically a Fan Fiction, though of course, it's a game instead of a story. If I used anything you own and you wish it removed, please, drop me an email and I will take care of it as soon as possible.

Now to the Good stuff:

Frequently Asked Questions

Character Sheets
Character Creation Table
Map of the towns, cities & settlements
Stencil for grenades (explained in the rules)

Introduction and character creation
Combat rules
Weapons and Armors
Special rules

World information

Everything at once: NukaCola's Magnum Opus version 3.0
Game Master's Guide - a bit of added info

Have fun and enjoy :D