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World information:

Here is a lot of background information to the game world:

Pre-War times:
Vault-Tec and Project Safehouse
The Enclave, from before the Great War to after it

General information:
Mutated humans and animals
Long range and short range communication in the Wasteland
Religions in the wasteland
Computers in the world of Fallout

Exonomy and trading:
A rough overview
Currencies in the wasteland
The large trading houses and centers

The Wild North:
An overview over the Abbey
An overview over Klamath
An overview over Gecko
An overview over The Den
An overview over Modoc
An overview over Junction City
An overview over Redding
An overview over Broken Hills
An overview over New Reno

The New California Republic:
An overview over the New California Republic
An overview over the constitution and laws of the NCR
The ministries, offices and agencies of the republic
The New California Train & Travel Company
The military of the republic - the Rangers
A rank and payment table of the Rangers

Shady Sands - The capital
The Hub - the largest city of the republic
The Angel's Boneyard - fishers and scholars
Junktown - The heart of the republic

The High Tech Factions:
An overview over the Brotherhood of Steel
The Brotherhood of Steel's Lost Hills Bunker

An overview over the people of the Shi-Huang-Ti
San Francisco

The Followers of the Apocalypse

An overview over Vault-City
The Vault-City Guards
A Rank and pay table of the Vault-City Guards

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