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Weapons and armor

The indexes always show all weapons of a type (that is, all that are used by and with the same skill) as well as a few other bonus information (for firearms for example, the price and the used ammunition).
The documents directly beneath the indexes contain the detailed information.

Close combat:

Index unarmed weapons
Unarmed weapons

Index melee weapons
Knives, short swords, swords , short & blunt, long & blunt, staffs & spears , Whips


Index Bows
Arrows & Bows

Index Handguns
Pistols and revolvers , Energy weapons and Miniature-Machinenpistols

Index Rifles
submachine guns , rifles , shotguns , assault rifles , Energy weapons & Sniper rifles and Anti Material rifles

Index heavy weapons
Machine guns , special heavy weapons , heavy energy weapons & grenade launchers

Index for tuning possibilities
Permanent tunings & exchangable tunings

Index of the ammunition types
Pistol ammunition , Rifle ammunition , Shot and 40 mm grenades & specialty ammunitions ,

Hand grenades, other thrown weapons and explosives:

Index of thrown weapons and explosives
Hand grenades , thrown weapons & explosives and detonators


Clothing and (upper body-) Armor , leg armors , head coverings & Power-Armors

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