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Combat rules:

The combat rules cover the armed, ranged, combat as well as the armed close combat and unarmed combat. That is, to put it mildly, a ton of rules.
The rules are mostly simple, and once one is a bit familiar with them, nearly self-explanatory.
None the less it is recommeneded, especially for beginners, to just use the most basic, non-optional rules of the ranged combat.
Don't be scared off by the multitude of rules. Start small and add some rules with each adventure.

The dice rules
Critical hits (ranged and close combat), wounds and critical failures.

The basic rules for the unarmed combat , the combat maneuvers that EVERYONE knows , the Boxing-combat maneuvers , the Kung Fu-combat maneuvers , the Judo-combat maneuvers & the parry rules.

The armed close combat

The basic ranged combat -rules (and the movement rules) & the optional ranged combat-rules (and the OPTIONAL movement rules).

The throwing rules.

Sneaking: Basic rules & Examples for bonuses and added difficulties

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